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The informant also told Lee that the information came from individuals previously active in the Fair Play for Cuba Committee (FPCC).

The note also says a week before the assassination Tippit, allegedly head of the right-wing John Birch Society in Dallas, and a third party who was possibly Oswald, met in Jack Ruby's nightclub.

But very little has been revealed about the plot of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - and despite the title and the poster, it's still not known.

Rooin Mahmood the Indian, Pissenmiov the Russian, just behind, the Italian, Beinsilli... The pun name is a staple of the prank caller, who will disguise it just right so the other guy doesn't get the pun until he blurts it out.

Seconds later, Oswald shot him three times from a .38 caliber revolver and fired once more into the officer's right temple as he lay on the Dallas sidewalk. Oswald was later arrested after he was acting suspiciously and ducked into the Texas Theatre without buying a ticket as police sirens approached.

(And they've Never Heard That One Before.) See also: Who's on First? For a list of tropes with Punny Names, see Just for Pun.

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If a group of people's last names form a pun, it could relate to The Law Firm of Pun, Pun, and Wordplay.

Also overlaps often with Real Joke Name, where someone laughs at what they think is a pun only to be told that that's actually the character's real name.

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    To avoid confusion in later steps, be sure to change the name back to something identifiable to the difficulty (ie. If you are planning on creating a new tab, this is the way to go.